Boat Ramp

Fishermen welcome: Bring Your Boat

Our boat ramp allows for quick, smooth access for our guests.

So much to love about our Boat Ramp

Check out all its features.

530-foot St. John's River frontage

Point of access on St. John's: 1/2 mile wide

12-foot-wide boat ramp 

A 40-foot dock

A 200-foot fishing dock

Area to clean fish available on fishing dock

All types of boats are welcome.

Yachts, dinghys, fishing boats and more are commonly seen drifting around in the water at Lynch's Landing. 

You'll see a variety of unique, family-owned boats with plenty of charm.

And maybe the owner will allow you to board their boat if you ask nicely enough. Plenty of opportunities to make friends with similar interests.

And even if you don't have a boat, you can still come fish at the dock.

Make new friends while you also catch up with old ones. Our guests enjoy bass fishing, great conversation, smiles and laughs.

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